The AMAZING-Antarctica project does not stop once the expedition returns: we are committed to the values of the project that led us to take action. Our awareness-raising activities will focus on the impact of the human population on polar environments and on the role of biodiversity in the balance of the global ecosystem.

We will carry a message full of hope: we must believe in our dreams, not fear failure and dare to undertake. Through our presentations, we hope to encourage the emergence of this type of initiative.

It will also be an opportunity to continue to highlight our financial partners.

Conferences in schools

First of all, we have engaged with IMT Mines Albi to organize two conferences in the school's auditorium of honour (450 spectators).

One as soon as we return from our expedition in March 2019, followed by a second conference during the international week in October 2019. This is a week during which international students and speakers (from China, Germany, Brazil, the United States...) attend conferences organized by us. These conferences will focus on the establishment of the project, who allowed this expedition, the purpose of the research, the course of the excursion and the conclusions drawn.

Our scope is also expanding outside Albi with the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Strasbourg and TBS (Toulouse Business School) for example.

High schools, colleges and small classes

The students of the IMT Mines Albi school have founded two associations: "main à la pâte" (for primary schools) and "les cordées de la réussite" (for college/high school) which have the purpose of supporting pupils with academic difficulties. We will work with young people through these associations. We believe that bringing these students together around a scientific subject will give them a concrete image of the application of science teaching, which is sometimes considered too abstract and a cause of early school leaving, and will also awaken their scientific curiosity.

In addition, we hope that the presentation of our project will encourage them to be ambitious and to undertake their dreams.

Sports event

Every year, the IMT network schools (Institut Mines Telecom: the largest network of engineering and management schools in France) organise a 4-day sports tournament, the "Cartel", during which all the IMT Europe member schools are there. It is an event during which teams from all schools compete in team or individual sports. During the Cartel, about twenty engineering schools from Europe are present, representing more than 2,000 students and other people from outside the schools. The 2019 Cartel will take place at the IMT Mines Albi School. A village will be set up on the school campus. This will be an opportunity for our team to be present, we will present our project and our sponsors.

Photography and video for education

Two members of the team have won art and photography competitions, so they will be in charge of taking photos that reflect the beauty of the landscapes we have encountered. For our speech to be stronger and more striking, it is necessary to have photos that are informative and esthetic. One of the objectives of our mission is to bring back such photos that can make a lasting impression.

For this reason, after our conferences, we will organize an exhibition during which we will expose our pictures and videos. In addition, these photos will be permanently exposed at the IMT Mines Albi school.